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We are three Japanifornians 👪 that live between LAX 🛫🛬NGO. We make t-shirts, stickers, trouble and art.
🧒🏻Genji❤️🏄🏽‍♂️🛹🎮 #studykanji
👩🏻ママ❤️👘🧳☕️ #日本人
👨🏻‍💻Saren❤️🍣🚄🍙 #ハーフ

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(949) 436-5408‬
The web is always on.
We live mostly on Pacific Standard Time.

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Where Japan, Canada and Mexico come together to establish a super country, with all the best elements of all of the above. #japanadio #japanadao #japando #japanadario #japanada


Japan and Canada meet in Japanada. The mix produces kids known as Japanadians or Canadianese. The sibling Republic of Japanifornia where the citizens eat ramen and poutine in equal measure. #japanadan #japanadian