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About Us

We are bi-cultural, bi-racial, dual-citizen, third-culture Japanifornians living between Japan and California—mixing the best of both worlds for art and science.

Japanifornia is a Orange County-based apparel company mixing inspiration from Japan and  Japanese pop-culture, with California skate and surf culture. All of our designs are hybrids of all the various cultures around the Pacific. We include elements from Hawaii and Okinawa; Portland, Oregon; greater Asian American Culture up and down the west coast, the hills of San Francisco, the bi-ways of West Los Angeles and DTLA; with a little bit of Las Vegas, New York, Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan.

Our Story

Founded on the first day of May 2019. Japanifornia is a project dreamed up by Saren (Big Papa) and Genji (The Kid). Saren’s does the digital stuff late at night after work, and Genji is a tastemaker who contributes after his Saturday School homework is done.

Saren is half Japanese, and half from Ohio, born in the Midwest and raised in Baltimore and schooled in New York City. Genji is 75% Japanese and a quarter American, born in San Francisco, California and being raised in Orange County. HIs Mama (my wife) is 100% Japanese from Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan.

When we’re not at our day-jobs or school you can find us surfing at Dana Point or San Onofre; skating at Volcom Costa Mesa or Van’s Huntington Beach; or Hypebeast shopping in Sawtelle West LA or Japantown in DTLA.

Our Mission

We are here to empower halvsies and quapas; to spread the goodness of both Japanese and Californian multi-culture; and to help artist and creative people find a way to express themselves beyond the ordinary.

Our Favorite Things

Genji likes surfing, skateboarding, super cars, hypebeast clothing and Fortnite.

Saren is into 70s dystopian science fiction, Golden Age Hip Hop ’88-’92, and Akira Kurasawa’s Seven Samurai.

Together they’ve seen all the new Godzillas, all the Mad Max, and all the Star Wars movies in the theater.

Write us and tell us what you think about everything and anything.

Japanifornia Representatives

The Ideators

Bridging the Pacific with ideas and words.

We dedicate our free time to putting ideas into the ether and seeing what happens next. Please write to us with your comments, recommendations, and thoughts.

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Saren Sakurai

Zen Optimist
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Genji Sakurai

Little Man

Biggest Ideas

Latest Projects

Our collections and collaborations

Here are some of the collections that we’ve been working on during the last few months. We would love to collaborate with you if you have similar ideas. Let us know how we can work together.