2010s Gaijin Nihonjin Television

Marvel Anime: Wolverine “Mariko” (S01E01)

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One night in New York; Logan saves a man named Tesshin Asano who was being attacked by members of AIM equipped with cloaking devices and metal destroying weaponry. Asano tells Wolverine about the whereabouts of his missing love; Mariko Yashida; and the crime organization Kuzuryu; the leader of which is Mariko’s father; Shingen. Mariko is allegedly arranged to be married to a man named Hideki Kurohagi in order to expand his operations. In order to find Mariko; who was kidnapped from New York a year ago; Logan flies to Tokyo and infiltrates the Yashida household; but is detected by Shingen. After his henchmen are defeated; Shingen challenges Logan to a bokken fight. Logan barely manages to withstand Shingen’s swordsman skills; but is shot with a drugged dart by Hideki; before going into a rage and bringing out his claws.

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