Half Japanese, Half White

In the hāfu Japan diaspora there are a wide variety of mixes, one for every country on the globe. The most representative, at least in our experience, is half Japanese, and half white—also known as eurasian, or hapa. At Japanifornia, we specialize in the Californian mix, but California itself is a multicultural republic, so we do not want to imply otherwise, however the Anglo-Japanese mix does outnumber many of the other varieties.

Obviously white can mean a culture from many different regions and countries, including all part of America, and many countries in Europe. We try and account for them all.

In our JapaWiki, we catalogue all the different varieties, and country by country the half Japanese, half American mix does have the most entries. You can find our list of that particular combination here.

Notable Half American, Half Japanese

  • Cary Fukunaga is a film director currently working on the new James Bond film.
  • Devon Aoki is a model and actor who appeared as Suki in the Fast and Furious franchise.
  • Hiro Hamada is the protagonist in the film version of Big Hero 6.

You can find our current list here.

Notable Half British, Half Japanese

You can find our current list here.

Notable Half Australian, Half Japanese

You can find our current list here.

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From our Hāfu Glossary:

Other terms which are used (by hāfu’s themselves, or others perhaps less-politely) to describe being half Japanese, and half white include: Amerasian, Eurasian, Canadianese and Japalian.