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  • Height
  • Weight
    175 lbs
  • Eyes
    Dark Brown
  • Hair


Shiro Yoshida, also known as Sunfire, is a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in X-Men #64 in January 1970. He was born in Agarashima, Japan, to Saburo Yoshida, a member of the powerful Yashida clan, and his wife, who suffered radiation poisoning from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and passed on her mutant solar radiation powers to Shiro.

Sunfire’s storyline is marked by several significant events. In the “Dark Phoenix Saga” storyline, Sunfire is one of the X-Men who is brainwashed by Mastermind into joining the Hellfire Club. In the “Fall of the Mutants” storyline, Sunfire is one of the X-Men who is presumed dead after sacrificing himself to stop the Adversary. In the “Uncanny Avengers” series, Sunfire joins the team led by Captain America and Havok to promote unity between mutants and humans


Is Sunfire Good or Bad?

Despite his heroic actions, Sunfire has also had moments of conflict with the X-Men. In the “X-Men: Deadly Genesis” storyline, it is revealed that Sunfire was part of a secret team of mutants sent to rescue the original X-Men, but the mission went awry and resulted in the deaths of several team members. In the “Avengers vs. X-Men” storyline, Sunfire joins the Avengers in their battle against the X-Men over the fate of the Phoenix Force.

Sunfire’s most recent appearance was in the “X-Men” series, where he is shown to be working with the mutant nation of Krakoa and is sent on a mission to retrieve a powerful artifact from the Shi’ar Empire. Sunfire’s complex character and storyline have made him a fan favorite in the Marvel Universe, and his legacy as a member of the X-Men continues to be explored in various comic book series.

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